MEME: Make a band

I’m following djwudi’s lead on this and making my own band name. If you’d like to participate, here are the rules:

  1. Band name: Use the name of the article from the first random wikipedia page you load when clicking here.
  2. Album name: Use the last four words of the last quote on this random quote page.
  3. Album cover: Search using the last word from your album name on this page. When the results appear, use the third image from the top of the list as your album cover.
  4. Assemble the cover in Photoshop (or whatever) as you wish and post it on your blog. Please trackback to this post or djwudi’s post.

Here’s my entry:

  1. Band Name: Robbers Roost
  2. Album Name: “to become old fools
  3. Album Cover: Photo by akaporn

Robbers Roost debut album

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