A Good Cause

Last year, Dan rode in the MS-150 Escape to the Lake. It’s a two day, 150 mile cycling event from Cranberry Township to Lake Erie in Ohio. There are plenty of pictures of the event posted on Flickr.

 alt=\"Dan rides in the 2007 Escape to the Lake MS 150\"

He’ll be riding again this year and I’m taking this opportunity to thank everyone that has already contributed. However, I’m also asking those folks to get the word out. This is a great cause that has raised a significant amount of money in the past. It can only continue to be as successful through the generosity and helpfulness of the donors.

If you can spare $5 or $5,000, I encourage you to help out and sponsor my brother this year as he rides for multiple sclerosis research. Thanks.

Sponsor link: http://tinyurl.com/3aeljc

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6 Responses to A Good Cause

  1. Andy says:

    Ugh…MS is such a ruthless disease. I am so happy for your brother and his great cause.

  2. DoubleDecker says:

    Today, I sent the message to everyone in my address book & donated also. Hope this helps.

  3. Andy says:

    When is the deadline to get donations in???

  4. AxsDeny says:

    The race happens on June 6th and 7th. I would assume they would need to be in the day before the race starts to be properly counted towards Dan’s total. 🙂

  5. Andy says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the MS donations. And, regarding OAR’s live music: I usually use http://www.OARsa.org to download all of their live stuff. But I will check out http://www.archive.com and let you know what I think. Thanks, buddy.

    What songs did you guys cover? “Crazy Game of Poker?”

  6. AxsDeny says:

    Yeah, that one. We started working on “Road Outside Columbus” but I stopped playing with those guys.

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