On Bridget’s Absence

Being a bachelor for a few days is nice. However, there are a few major problems when Bridget goes away and I’m left to to my own devices.

  1. Cleanliness: For some reason, I find no reason to clean up after myself. The only reason I picked up all the tissues in the living room is that the dog was trying to eat them. Normally what happens is that I end up spending the day before Bridget returns in a frenzy of cleaning and straightening. It always makes Bridget happy to return to a clean house.
  2. Nutrition: I end up eating like a 15 year old would eat if left alone. I eat fast food, pizza, and Chef Boyardee.
  3. Finances: I spend considerable time surfing Amazon and Ebay. This never ends well. Fortunately, this time I only ended up buying $20 worth of cables for the computer and Playstation. Unfortunately, these cables will be used with the new 50 inch TV I bought on Saturday which cost much more than $20. Yikes.
  4. Emotions: It’s lonely here without Bridgey. 🙁
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2 Responses to On Bridget’s Absence

  1. bridgey says:

    I miss you too!

  2. Jen W says:

    Awww, you guys are so cute 🙂 P.S. Once again, I am sorry to have left you with that travel bug 🙁

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