Lee Greenwood

On our way to work this morning there was a Chevy Venture in front of us with 2 flags and 5 of those magnetic ribbons (which were most likely made in China). I’m all for being patriotic, but that much stuff? Heck, we’ve got a bunch of stuff in our windows, but at least it’s all something different. I’ve not been a fan of those magnetic ribbons since they showed up. They seem like a cheap plot to make money on the need for our citizens to display their loyalty to the United States. I have a small static cling U.S. flag in the back window of our vehicle and that’s about as far as it will ever go. I think that the U.S. window flags that this guy has are an abomination. They do nothing more than shred (at high speed) a perfectly good flag. The edges of the flags on this van were already torn and tattered. No U.S. flag should be treated in that manner. It’s a shame that the diehard patriots in this van have no common sense. Enjoy the picture though.

Ribboned for your pleasure.

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  1. cindy says:

    Are those Harley-Davidson mudflaps?

  2. Tadbot says:

    Have you seen these bumper stickers? http://www.antimagnet.com/

  3. Rich says:

    The flags being tattered to pieces I agree with you on, but the stickers and magnets..

    I’ve got two other scenarios for you and one question. Could this be some fiercely proud mother or father that has a son or daughter over in Iraq or Afghanistan, and is more than a little preoccupied hoping they are coming home without losing their life, a limb or an eye to a roadside bomb? OR Could this be some crazy republican that never graduated high school, shops at wal-mart daily, listens to that “boot-in-yer-ass” song 6 times a day, has a mullet and has a catch phrase of “hell yeah!!”??

    The Q; Are either of these people worth hardening your arteries over or stopping to spit on? Don’t take stuff so personally, you’ll be much happier.


  4. AxsDeny says:

    I don’t take it personally. Like I said, the people in the van are most likely die-hard patriots of one form or another. As you said, they most likely have a son or daughter in the Marines (based on the USMC ribbon). I was more upset about the flag getting shredded than the magnets. I don’t care who is in the van; shredding the flag, as I said in my post, shows a lack of common sense. I don’t show my love of chocolate ice cream by flushing it down the toilet. In the same way, these folks shouldn’t be showing their patriotism by ruining a flag. Those things have bothered me ever since about a month after 09-11-2001. About the time all the suddenly vocal patriotic citizens’ flags began to deteriorate and refused to replace them even though they looked like they had been through a war of their own.

    I, however, am frightened that there is a “boot-in-yer-ass” song. I must investigate this.

  5. Richard says:

    LOL yeah the title is “courtesy of the red, white and blue” by Toby Keith. You must have heard it. I actually like the begining until he says “this land of ours .. under attack.. after that it’s mindless symbolism. the beginning is great though.

    If the flags are what you were talking about I’m right with you. (which I said). I just worry when you get all bent out of shape by stupid people real or percieved.

  6. AxsDeny says:

    Toby Keith. Indeed. I am so out of touch with country music. When I lived on the Broad Top I knew more of it since you can only get 2 radio stations there (Froggy and WSKE). I’ll find it somewhere and give a listen.

    Yeah, I was totally peeved about the flags. Most people see this as a display of patriotism; which it is. However, the ends don’t justify the means. Static/Bumper stickers are where it’s at; no shredding involved.

    I wasn’t bent out of shape about the magnets. I thought that having 5 magnets was funny, the same way that I think it is funny when people canvas their cars in bumper stickers, but I certainly wasn’t bent out of shape about it.

    On a slight tangent, I’d prefer to support the troops directly. Maybe by sending you $2.99 rather than buying a magnet. I wonder if there is a study on how much of the proceeds of these magnetic ribbons actually go to the troops in one way or another. Based on how many of those things that I see every day, you should be getting a raise real soon! 😉

  7. Richard says:

    Froggy..ick! You know froggy is a franchise too. I think it’s else where (other states) but always country. I heard that Toby Keith song on the radio for a while and still do some places. It’s practically the theme song to the war on terror for some. It is pretty funny, if you can take it light heartedly.

    As for the stickers and profits- there’s always someone ready to cash in.

    I agree- support the troops directly, send them a magazine, some wet wipes/ baby wipes, powdered drink mix- gatorade or whatever, a letter and whatever else you want to send. If you ever want addresses I know a few few soldiers over there right now. You could send a package from the vaxcave even.

  8. AxsDeny says:

    Re: Froggy… It could be worse I suppose… Froggy could be globally controlled by Clear Channel. Of course, they may already be controlled by Clear Channel. Hmm… Google may provide an answer to this…

    Re: Support… Sold. Hook me up with names and addresses and I’ll mobilize the VaxPeople.

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