Re: [Gpsbabel-misc] How can I disable icon modification?

> I originally proposed a Mapsource-specific suboption to suppress this. > It just occurred to that all of the formats that try to do the “smart > geocaching icon” do all filter down to one specific function that’s > shared by all where this could be shunted out. > > Given how esoteric most of our suboptions are, I’m inclined to make > this a top-level option.

I would agree that this should be a global option. Either that or you would need a nosmarticons option tacked onto every format that has icons. Egad.

Thanks for your attention on this. I eagerly look forward to the next beta.

>> the documentation for how to use the various
>> options (e.g. mpsverout) is non-existent. It took me quite a few
>> experiments to figure out how to add that to the command line. > > The suboptions are fully listed in the help output (gpsbabel -h) but > you’re correct that they don’t appear in the main README.

My problem wasn’t with finding the option, it was with figuring out how to use it. Adding a comma then the option was not my first guess. I see that you’ve added an example in the -h output of the latest beta. This is a big help, albeit late for me 😉

Lil Devil

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