PROTIP: Quickly and efficiently bagging raked leaves

A) Rake leaves
B) Open the bag and put it on the ground behind you with the opening facing your heels.
C) Put your left heel in the opening on the far left of the bag.
D) Put your right heel in the opening on the far right of the bag.
E) Use one hand to reach down and pull the bag open.
F) With your free hand, shovel the leaves into the bag.

If you do it right and keep the proper pressure on the bag, it will stay open and you can shimmy forward with it and bag an entire pile of leaves.

The neighbor kids all do this now after seeing me do it. It’s much easier than having to pick up the leaves and put them in a trash can. Tt removes the need to re-rake because none blow away while you are lifting them into a can.

If you can’t picture this, imagine emulating a dog digging a hole. The leaves go through your legs and into the bag.

TL;DR – Shovel leaves back through your legs into a bag that you hold open with your heels.

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