Toshiba DR420KU “Empty Title” problem

I got this Toshiba DVD Recorder for Christmas and started recording some DVDs immediately. One thing that you must do that isn’t 100% obvious is that you need to be sure to finalize a disk once you are done recording. This will ensure that the disk will play in other DVD players.

One issue that I kept experiencing was when I looked at the title list there was a track called “Empty Title.” Before I finalized the disk I tried to delete this track but it wouldn’t allow it. Then when I burned a disk later in the morning the empty title wasn’t there. It was very confusing.

I then realized that the difference was that I was using different DVD types. It appears the the empty title doesn’t appear when I use DVD-R, but it does appear when I use DVD+R.

It’s too bad I have 150 DVD+Rs and only 50 DVD-Rs. Oh well, it’s not that big of a deal. It seems like an odd behavior for a recording device though.

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3 Responses to Toshiba DR420KU “Empty Title” problem

  1. Bill says:

    In the middle of my recording a hdmi screen appears

  2. Jim says:

    AxsDeny, did you ever figure out a way to get rid of the “empty title” problem? Or is the only solution to get DVD-R disks?

  3. AxsDeny says:

    I never did find a way to do it, other than using DVD-R disks. To be fair, I never looked that hard.

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