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Daily links for June 17, 2008

The Great Office War This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in at least a week. (tags: funny video youtube)

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Daily links for June 12, 2008

Air Guitar Pittsburgh Bridget, Bill, Laura, and I attended this event at Mr. Small’s Theater. (tags: music) Xalan: XSLT in C++ on MacOS X 10.5 (tags: webdesign html software xslt macosx)

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Daily links for June 11, 2008

Safe Manuals Find a user manual from a database of over 800,000 manuals. (tags: reference howto tools)

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Teen Wolf Easter Egg

So, as I was working today I had the television tuned to AMC. For some reason, a channel that plays classics decided that it was acceptable for them to embrace Teen Wolf. As the movie was wrapping up after the … Continue reading

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Daily links for June 05, 2008

Penguins can’t afford whole roster (tags: nhl hockey pittsburghpenguins) Game 6: Pens reach end of the line (tags: NHL hockey pittsburghpenguins) Penguins go down fighting The number of crying, grown, men in that locker room must have been astonishing. (tags: … Continue reading

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