A Choice is Made

We have made our choice. The puppy is a brindle female and was the second in the litter. Here she is!

Our Puppy Choice

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5 Responses to A Choice is Made

  1. Kristan says:

    J E A L O U S … if she is half as lovable in person as she is online, you are in for it.

  2. cindy says:

    I believe in a thing called love …

    I’m still voting for her name to be “The Darkness.”

  3. AxsDeny says:

    That won’t work. I’ll always think of Rick James calling Charlie Murphy that on Chappelle’s Show.

  4. DoubleDecker says:

    I like Princess Leia, as in Star Wars & call her just Leia

  5. AxsDeny says:

    We’ve already settled on Leela. We won’t use Leia because one of the other puppies is named that.

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