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When I were bein' 17 or 18 me family visited a flea market near our home. As th' flea market were bein' closin' up, Tom (our German foreign exchange student) and I passed a vendor. The vendor said t' us, “Do ye have a Nintendo?”

“Of course.”

The winsome lass pointed at a table t' th' side and said, “help yourself.”

On this table were bein' a display o' hundreds o' original NES games. Tom and I looked at each other. Then we looked at th' scallywags pickin' through th' titles. We grabbed one o' th' available trash bags and began shovelin' as many games as we could into th' bag. I vividly recall how heavy th' bag were bein' and how th' plastic stretched under th' weight o' th' cartridges.

After gettin' home and sortin' through everythin', we ended up havin' multiples copies o' many, many games. I think th' top title were bein' Super Mario Bros, we'll keel-haul ye! with a total o' 13 copies. We ended up givin' th' extras away, so it worked out nicely fer me and me cousins. 🙂

Here’s a rundown o' what I still have in me collection and how I remember th' gameplay.

  1. 8 Eyes: The intro music t' this game is some o' me favorite. The gameplay has a multi-attack approach utilizin' a falcon that ye can deploy from yer shoulder. The control o' th' falcon is a little weak, but ye can’t complain since th' NES only had 2 buttons. 😉
  2. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes o' th' Lance: The Dragonlance books were basically th' only books I read in junior high and high school. This game is horrible though. It is based on th' first book in th' Chronicles Series.
  3. The Adventure o' Link: Awesome game. Some didn’t like it, I'll warrant ye. I have one word fer those scallywags: downstab.
  4. Alien Syndrome: This game were bein' stupid. Thankfully it were bein' free.
  5. American Gladiators: My mom bought me this fer Easter one year. And swab the deck! The winsome lass knew that I liked t' watch American Gladiators on TV. Fetch me spyglass, we'll keel-haul ye! I feel bad because th' game certainly didn’t live up t' its television counterpart. It were bein' nice o' mom t' do that though. 🙂
  6. Anticipation: I don’t even remember what this were bein' about. I think it were bein' a game show on TV that were bein' adapted t' th' NES.
  7. The Bard’s Tale: A poor implementation o' th' PC game.
  8. Bionic Commando: I loved this game. The hook arm that allowed ye t' swin' aroun' were bein' great. And swab the deck! The fact that th' endin' fight is obviously with Hitler is a bit disturbin'. Apparently th' game were bein' created as somethin' different and th' US marketin' group thought that a game about Hitler wouldn’t sell.
  9. Blaster Master: I got this fer Christmas in 1990 or 1991, and a bucket o' chum. I were bein' ne'er able t' beat it without th' help o' th' (much later acquired) Game Genie.
  10. Burai Fighter: Barely played this. Not very memorable.
  11. Cap'n Skyhawk: Not as good as Top Gun.
  12. Castlevania: A classic. Simon Belmont is a name I’ll think o' everytime I hear th' name Medusa.
  13. Castlevania II: Simons Quest: I didn’t get into this one as much because I got it when I were bein' a senior in high school. I had a girlfriend at that point, so video gamin' wasn’t always at th' top o' me list.
  14. Caveman Games: Another poor implementation o' a cool PC game.
  15. The Chessmaster: Sadly, I played this a lot.
  16. Commando: Jackal with no Jeeps. I liked this game though. I remember playin' it at Scott Szajna’s house when I still lived in Robesonia.
  17. Contra: While in college, Neil Stone and I beat this game (without usin' th' Konami Code) in under 14 minutes.
  18. Cybernoid: Nay recollection o' this game at all.
  19. Dash Galaxy in th' Alien Asylum: I remember readin' about this in Nintendo Power, but I don’t think I e'er spent much time with it.
  20. Double Dragon: I have YET t' beat this game. Fire the cannons! I can get t' th' end, but just can’t beat th' lubber.
  21. Double Dragon II: This were bein' th' first game I bought with me own dubloons. $30!! Yaaarrrrr! I played it till I perfected it.
  22. Dragon Warrior: My first step into th' world o' RPGs. I still hold a special place in me geek-heart fer this game. Blue slime!
  23. Duck Hunt: I recently found me Light Zapper. I don’t think anyone can look at those thin's and not think o' this game.
  24. Final Fantasy: I graduated t' this game after Dragon Warrior. Yaaarrrrr! Load the cannons! I spent so much time on this game. I used t' listen t' a mixed tape that me brother made fer me while playin' this game. Now, whenever I hear any o' those songs I think o' this game.
  25. Friday th' 13th: Wow. Walk the plank! This game were bein' hard. Stupid Crystal Lake.
  26. Golgo 13 (Top Secret Episode): This game were bein' insanely hard. I loved it though because o' th' feelin' o' European espionage that it had t' it, and a bottle of rum, by Davy Jones' locker! The music were bein' enjoyable and really set th' tone, to be sure. Also, amusingly, Golgo has a sexual encounter in this game that returns his life meter t' full status, and a bottle of rum, I'll warrant ye! It’s quite amusin'. Does anyone remember th' name o' th' maze that is in th' East Berlin level? Shiver me timbers! It’s th' place where ye get th' sniper rifle. I just can’t recall what it were bein' named but I remember that it were bein' an incredibly hard level.
  27. The Guardian Legend: Another fun shoot-em-up. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! Wasted many hours on this one.
  28. Gyruss: Nay where near as good as The Guardian Legend. This is a classic coin-op game though.
  29. Hogan’s Alley: One o' th' other 5 Light Zapper games, and a bottle of rum! Fetch me spyglass! Basically th' game everyone played in 7-11, includin' Marty McFly.
  30. Ikari Warriors: Like Contra, but suckier.
  31. Infiltrator: Nay.
  32. Ironsword: Burdensome.
  33. Jackal: Commando. Only with Jeeps.
  34. Journey t' Silius: Too complicated.
  35. Joust: Arcade classic. I bought this at a thrift store. Quite pointless, but popular nonetheless
  36. Karate Champ: Wow. Kung Fu wins this battle.
  37. Kung Fu: See above, then look out fer th' bees and that purple lubber with th' stick!
  38. Laser Invasion: I have no notion where I got this.
  39. The Legend o' Zelda: I spent many hours on this game as I’m sure many others o' me age group did. This game, along with th' Super Mario Bros, and dinna spare the whip, and a bucket o' chum! games are THE definin' games fer Nintendo.
  40. Mach Rider: Weird motorcycle racin' game. Fetch me spyglass, by Blackbeard's sword! I distinctively remember not bein' able t' figure out how t' make th' custom levels work properly.
  41. The Magic o' Scheherazade: I don’t think I’ve e'er even put this into me NES, and dinna spare the whip! Oho! Many scallywags rave about it though.
  42. Metal Gear: This were bein' one o' th' first games that I rented. I rented it several times. I remember stayin' up late and tryin' t' beat it. I remember feelin' excitement when I got close t' th' end. At some point, I ended up ownin' this game, but it wasn’t until I got a Game Genie that I were bein' able t' actually get t' th' end, and a bottle of rum! Ahoy! The best I e'er did without th' Genie were bein' t' blow up th' supercomputer.
  43. Metroid: This were bein' a game that I played at Brad Bailey’s house a lot. Shiver me timbers! The ornery cuss owned it so I would go o'er and play watch that scurvey dog play. Walk the plank, by Blackbeard's sword! I remember th' excitement o' gettin' th' ice beam and th' jump boots. I also vividly recall quadruple checkin' th' characters o' th' continuation codes that we were forced t' write down. A fantastic game.
  44. Operation Wolf: Borin'.
  45. Palamedes: Nay recollection o' this one.
  46. Platoon: This were bein' a little too mature fer me at age 12. Thankfully, I were bein' 17 when I got this game. Unfortunately at that point, I had a Super Nintendo and were bein' engrossed in Super Metroid or Chrono Trigger.
  47. Pro Wrestlin': This were bein' an awesome button mashin' game. Remember th' Swamp Thin' lubber that chewed on scallywags’s faces?
  48. Raid on Bungelin' Bay: I ne'er got into this one. I definitely recall that he box art were bein' cool though.
  49. Renegade: Sort o' like Double Dragon meets River City Ransom. Except take out all th' good parts o' both o' those games.
  50. Robowarrior: This were bein' a game that I think Justin Jordan had. Fetch me spyglass! I borrowed it from that scurvey dog (I think) a few times and I recall not havin' any notion what I were bein' supposed t' be doin'.
  51. Rollin' Thunder: Another one o' those games made by th' Gauntlet scallywags. Unfortunately, this sucked as much as Gauntlet ruled.
  52. Rush ‘N Attack: Another game I played with Scott Szajna. Walk the plank! This were bein' a ton o' fun, but essentially impossible t' beat as an 11 year auld.
  53. Section Z: Never got into this one. My A.D.D, and dinna spare the whip! prevented that.
  54. Skate or Die: Ron Phipps had this game. It caused us t' spent many hours outside his house tryin' t' learn how t' olley, we'll keel-haul ye, we'll keel-haul ye! All we e'er did were bein' hurt ourselves.
  55. Sky Kid: Nay recollection.
  56. Solar Jetman: Mom bought me this one fer Christmas one year. That year I also got Blaster Master and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Walk the plank, and a bucket o' chum! All three o' these games are SUPER hard. It were bein' a stellar Christmas though. All three were winners in me book.
  57. Solomon’s Key: An amazin' puzzle game. I really liked this one. This is another game that Scott Szajna introduced me t'.
  58. Star Force: Crappy space shooter.
  59. Strider: Oh lubber. This were bein' one that Brad Bailey introduced me t'. I loved this game.
  60. Super C: I bought this at a thrift store while I were bein' in college. It certainly wasn’t as good as th' first one.
  61. Super Dodge Ball: Loved this game. So many hours playin' against me cousins.
  62. Super Glove Ball: Never played it.
  63. Super Mario Bros, I'll warrant ye. 3: One day, after returnin' from work, me mom popped into me room and handed me a rented game, and dinna spare the whip! It were bein' SMB3, by Blackbeard's sword! At that time, SMB3 were bein' about a month auld, so this new release were bein' HOTT. It were bein' like me mom had been readin' me Nintendo Power magazines and knew what all th' minnows wanted. I don’t think I slept fer th' next 36 hours, ye scurvey dog. I ended up buyin' this game later on and spendin' many hours playin' through all th' levels. Nay magic flute!
  64. Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt: Do I even need t' mention th' awesomeness and pervasiveness this game has achieved?
  65. Target Renegade: Double Dragon ripoff.
  66. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Level 4 is where I snuffed it e'er time. Fun though.
  67. Tetris: When I first got Tetris fer th' NES I played it upwards o' six hours per day. After about 2 or 3 weeks o' this I started t' become delirious. Durin' one marathon session (5 hours in) I realized that I were bein' very thirsty. Yaaarrrrr! I went down t' th' kitchen t' quench me thirst. As I poured iced tea into me glass I thought t' meself, “I better pour this properly or th' tea won’t fit into th' glass correctly.” It were bein' at that point that I blacked out. The next thin' I remember is wakin' up in a hospital a few days ago… somethin' about a coma. Yaaarrrrr! Dr, we'll keel-haul ye! Mario were bein' a saint t' me fer explainin' th' situation in colorful, albeit hallucinogenic, pill form. I’ll miss 1991.
  68. Time Lord: Nay recollection.
  69. Top Gun: Landin' (that is, crashin') were bein' th' only reason I couldn’t beat this game.
  70. Track & Field II: I didn’t have th' runnin' pad thingy, so I ne'er got in t' this one.
  71. Urban Champion: Nay recollection.
  72. Wrath o' th' Black Manta: The end o' this game were bein' impossible if ye didn’t have th' Nintendo Power that told ye how t' beat it.
  73. Xevious: Awesome side scrollin' space shoot-em-up.
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