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Sugar Free Candy & Uppercuts

This past Saturday I visited me grandmother. The winsome lass’s 87 years auld. We watched th’ 1974 Ali vs. Foreman bout that ye may recall were bein’ named The Rumble in th’ Jungle. I ne’er thought I would watch boxin’ … Continue reading

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Comcasticly Craptacular

I recently had an irritatin’ clash with Comcast. I’m not goin’ t’ get into it, but it wasn’t cool. It has given me rise t’ examine other options fer television entertainment. We currently have th’ high-end cable package with th’ … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

I thought I’d start off th’ New Year with a joke. I normally don’t link t’ jokes, but this one is th’ best blonde joke I’ve e’er read.

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