Orienteering 101

Richard and Jen are back from South Korea for about a month. I had the opportunity to do some orienteering with Richard last friday in North Park. It was a good time and I learned a bunch of good information. I think I’ll be working on a new cache that will incorporate actual map reading and projection from points on a topo map. This is going to require the purchase of a new lensatic compass which I am certainly not going to fight. 😉

Rich also left me with a cool book that has loads of good map reading (as well as survivial) information. It’s called The Combat Leader’s Field Guide and contains pretty much everything you would need to know to defend yourself. Although, some of the improvised items require military specific items which I will certainly not be finding at a local flea market. One of the ingredient lists reads: One 50 caliber ammo can, One white phosphorous incendiary grenade, etc…

It was great to see Rich and Jen (and the bulge that is their unborn child) during their short trip home. Hopefully they will be coming back at the end of the month. They are flying out of Pittsburgh so hopefully they will crash with us a day or so prior to leaving.

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2 Responses to Orienteering 101

  1. Justin says:

    “One 50 caliber ammo can”

    I have this. You can, indeed, pick them up at flea markets.

  2. AxsDeny says:

    Haha, it wasn’t the ammo can I was worried about. I have about 15 of them at my house since I use them as geocaching containers. The phosphorous grenade might be a bigger problem. They sell those at Wal-Mart though, right?

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