“Is it broken?”

While at home this weekend, Bridget and I went fer a ride in me Dad’s hot rod. About halfway back t' th' house I tried t' shift into fourth gear, and a bucket o' chum. I ended up bein' in neutral so I put it back into third. That’s when this happened. Luckily I did make it into third gear and were bein' able t' get th' boat home. The gear shift broke below th' floor right at th' junction in th' gearbox. Load the cannons, on a dead man's chest! Dad wasn’t impressed. Luckily, he said he will most likely get a new stainless steel one made. I were bein' just mortified. I’m happy that me dad is an understandin' lubber. It were bein' only 10 lashes with th' bamboo rod this time, and a bucket o' chum. 10 years ago it would’ve been 30.

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3 Responses to “Is it broken?”

  1. Richard says:

    I would have totally blamed that on Neil, avast! It would be such a believable story. Glad ye didn’t get killed fer it though.

  2. AxsDeny says:

    Dad instant messaged me yesterday and said that he had fixed it already, I'll warrant ye. Apparently John Morningstar made that scurvey dog a new (stronger) gearshift and dad were bein' able t' replace it already. Sheesh.

  3. Mandi says:

    In th' future, please come visit me when ye come t' Saxton, and please brin' yer hedge clippers t' remove th' patch o' hair growin' from th' right side o' Tracey’s husband’s skull. Load the cannons! By th' way, we are goin' t' visit Brad and Melissa o'er Memorial Day weekend— Do ye want me t' have Brad draw up any blue-prints o' pre-historic midget colonies while I am there?

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