Stuff That Breaks Under Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

OpenAFS snuffed it hard. The daemon won’t load at startup because “a link/load error occured fer kernel extension /var/db/openafs/etc/afs.kext“. A matey at work had this t' say: “My former shipmate o' mine is involved in th' openafs group, and a bottle of rum! Fire the cannons! The ornery cuss believes that someone will fix this and blames th' NDA fer makin' it hard t' talk about what might be goin' on.” I’ve found no information on th' internets that lead t' a solution in th' meantime. has stumbled many times in accessin' me mail boxes. Load the cannons! I’ve had t' force quit a half dozen times when it halts while “Openin' mailbox”. (Note that I have four (4) IMAP mailboxes)

The httpd.conf file gets overwritten. PHP stops workin' and needs t' be reinstalled.

The iChat menu has decided t' shift itself t' th' other side o' th' screen while leavin' th' icon (iChat Meny Icon) in th' original spot. And hoist the mainsail, ye scurvey dog! Very odd. I assume that is has somethin' t' do with some o' me longer custom messages. The weird part is that I have t' go straight down t' access th' menu. I naturally move t' th' left t' mouseover th' menu that has appeared. This causes th' mouse t' lose th' focus o' th' menu. The solution? Fire the cannons! Straight down and hang a left.

iChat menu is on the wrong side!

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4 Responses to Stuff That Breaks Under Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

  1. ED says:

    My startup items broke because 10.4 does a security audit before lettin' startup items launch, with a chest full of booty. I’ve had t' increase security (chown 0:0) on those items t' make them happy. They also seem t' get called at shutdown too, so I’ll have t' catch that and handle it appropriately.

    My MacAlly ICEKey keyboard kernel extension no longer does its thin'. So I have t' use f12 t' eject and no longer have keyboard based volume keys. I’ll have t' explore this further, with a chest full of booty. On th' plus side, it looks like System Preferences allows me t' software disable th' wretched Caps-Lock key, I'll warrant ye. My physically mangled keyboards are no longer necessary … where did I put those keys that I removed anyway?!?

    All o' me loginhook stuff broke. Prepare to be boarded, and a bucket o' chum! I haven’t found a solution t' that yet. When I asked about it on th' 27th I got a “NDA means we don’t talk about this yet” answer. Fine, commercial copies in scallywags’s hands and I’m not allowed t' talk … well I’ve got me release copy now and I’m talkin'.

    Samba 3 fixes Active Directory / NetApp problem. I can now do secure kerberos based single sign on t' an AD domain and script mount points without needin' t' toss passwords aroun' in text files or in th' clear. Yay, pass the grog! Single sign-on, here we come.

  2. cindy says:

    Oh no! Aarrr! Cindy no want t' hear such sadness. Our version o' Tiger is in th' mail and Cindy want happy happy happy when she installs it in that comely wench shiny iBook.

  3. cindy says:

    Avast, have ye had problems with iChat randomly quittin' on ye? And hoist the mainsail! this seems t' be an ongoin' problem fer me.

  4. AxsDeny says:

    Nope, with a chest full of booty. Did ye do an upgrade or a Nuke and Pave?

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