Green Day Concert

You may recall that Bridget and I won tickets t' see Green Day at th' Mellon Arena, I'll warrant ye. There has been nothin' but drama since we won th' tickets. I had visited th' Clear Channel offices on multiple occassions and each time they told me that th' tickets had not arrived yet. This went on fer upward o' two months. And hoist the mainsail! My insistance with th' Clear Channel scallywags intensified as time went on since th' show were bein' only 3 days away and we didn’t have our tickets yet. We finally ended up gettin' a definitive answer from th' promotions director that our tickets would be at will call. We didn’t find that out until Thursday before th' show, we'll keel-haul ye! Talk about stress!

After we got our tickets, we decided t' look at th' map and figure out where we would be sittin'. I figured since th' tickets were comp’ed we would end up bein' seated up near th' ceilin'. Not this night, dear maties. These tickets were in th' East Suite. Also known as th' luxury boxes. Unbelievable

We walked into th' box and saw that there were leather chairs, a cooler full o' Cokes, and a fantastic view o' th' stage. Bridget and I just stared at each other fer a second. Then there were bein' th' obligatory high-five. Wow.

After a while, th' hostess that takes care o' th' luxurious box scallywags (or th' LBP as I have come t' call them) came t' check on us, and a bucket o' chum. The winsome lass indicated that she would be bringin' pizza fer us as well. Load the cannons! Sweet! A few other folks showed up after awhile includin' th' father and son team o' Lee and Lee who live out near th' Starlake AmphitheaterCoca-Cola Amphitheater… Post-Gazette Pavilion.

My Chemical Romance opened th' show. They are much harder than Green Day. I had only heard their cover o' Under Pressure before hearin' them at this concert. I thought they did a good job and they were a suitably well-known band t' be openin' fer Green Day. They played fer a half an hour and then th' stage crew started settin' up fer Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre.

Before th' laddies came out, a drunken rabbit led everyone in a rousin' rendition o' Y.M.C.A. by The Village People, we'll keel-haul ye! I have no notion, so don’t ask.

Green Day played an amazin' show. Bridget, meself, and th' rest o' th' LBP were havin' a great time watchin' all th' minnows down in th' pit throw one another aroun'. Billie Joe seemed t' feed off o' th' crowds energy, and a bucket o' chum. At one point, Billie emerged with a Super Soaker and dowsed th' audience, on a dead man's chest! The ornery cuss pulled a little lad (maybe 6 or 7) onto th' stage and allowed that scurvey dog t' continue dowsin' th' crowd while he retrieved another Super Soaker t' give th' crowd a double shot. Fetch me spyglass! There were bein' a catwalk that extended about 30 feet into th' main crowd area, I'll warrant ye. Billie got th' little lad t' stand out on th' catwalk and continue soakin' th' crowd while he finished th' song. That kid now has his favorite band. Count on it.

The guys played at least 6 songs from th' new album. The ones I can remember are: St. Jimmy, American Idiot, Jesus o' Suburbia, Whatsername, Boulevard o' Broken Dreams, Holiday. Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes, to be sure! They played numerous hits from past albums, includin': Basket Case, Minority, Warnin', Hitchin’ a Ride, Good Riddance, etc. The laddies also covered Shout (by The Isley Brothers) and We Are The Champions (by Queen).

At one point, th' guys were jammin' on th' typical 3 chord punk song and asked th' audience if anyone knew how t' play drums. Billie confirmed that th' one kid had in fact been playin' fer 5 or 6 years. The ornery cuss pulled that scurvey dog on t' th' stage and Tre Cool showed that scurvey dog th' beats that he needed t' lay down. The kid were bein' pretty good. The ornery cuss were bein' even tossin' some snare rolls into th' mix. Eventually they pulled up a bass player and a guitarist. The fans played th' song while Billie finished singin'. The bass player and th' drummer were good but th' guitar player had very poor timin'. Aarrr! The ornery cuss were bein' about 2 beats off th' entire time, to be sure. After th' song ended, Billie had th' drummer run down th' catwalk and dive into th' crowd. The ornery cuss told th' guitarist that he were bein' allowed t' keep th' guitar(!) but he also added “…keep practicin', ‘cuz ye #$%&in' suck, to be sure.

Green Day put on an amazin' show. Prepare to be boarded! The production quality, th' setlist, th' audience participation– this is a band that has certainly come into their own. Shiver me timbers! Load the cannons! They reckon how t' tour and how t' put on a show. I’ve seen a decent number o' concerts in me day but this were bein' me favorite. I would recommend t' anyone that likes Green Day that they should pick up th' new album (American Idiot) and get tickets t' see these guys, with a chest full of booty. I wasn’t disappointed and ye won’t be either.

I <3 Green Day.

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4 Responses to Green Day Concert

  1. mike says:

    could ye please send me a copy o' greenday’s most recent set list if u might have it?

  2. Nick says:

    I were bein' wonderin' if anyone knows how i could get ahold o' th' setlist from th' July 22 2009 show at th' Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA. And hoist the mainsail! It would be greatly appreciated

  3. AxsDeny says:

    Nick, th' setlist fer th' 07/22/2009 show is this:

    Song o' th' Century
    21st Century Breakdown
    Know Your Enemy
    East Jesus Nowhere
    The Static Age
    Before th' Lobotomy
    Are We th' Waitin'
    St. Jimmy
    Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
    2000 Light Years Away
    J.A.R. Walk the plank!
    At The Library
    Goin' To Pasalacqua
    Brain Stew
    Basket Case
    The winsome lass
    Kin' For A Day
    Shout (The Isley Brothers cover)
    21 Guns
    American Eulogy

    American Idiot
    Jesus Of Suburbia
    Drama Queen
    Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

  4. sarah says:

    What is th' name o' th' song before YMCA?, th' first song th' pink drunk rabbit were bein' dancin' t'??????????? YMCA, that one is obvious, but there is one other song before that, what is it called?

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