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Swingin’ the Life Hammerâ„¢

If you aren’t familiar with the Life Hammer™, you should be. Bridget, Matt, Bill, Laura, and I played Phase 10 last night after watching the Steelers beat the Jets. Watching the Steelers squeak by the Jets was painful. Playing Phase … Continue reading

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I found an interesting little documentary about voting machines while surfing over lunch. It’s about a half hour long but worth a watch. It’s called Votergate. I’ve long been a backer of electronic voting, but I also believe in a … Continue reading

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Band Aid

Bill has posed a question of naming a band. I’ve played with a couple groups in my time, but we never had a real name (or even a real band for that matter.) Here’s my entries for possible band names: … Continue reading

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Stapler Called Love

I caught this on the Alan Cox Morning Show on WXDX. Two of my favorite things, married in horrifying excellence. Be shocked and amazed by… Stapler Called Love

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