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Swingin’ the Life Hammerâ„¢

If ye aren’t familiar with th’ Life Hammer™, ye should be. Bridget, Matt, Bill, Laura, and I played Phase 10 last night after watchin’ th’ Steelers beat th’ Jets. Watchin’ th’ Steelers squeak by th’ Jets were bein’ painful. Playin’ … Continue reading

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I found an interestin’ little documentary about votin’ machines while surfin’ o’er lunch. It’s about a half hour long but worth a watch. It’s called Votergate. I’ve long been a backer o’ electronic votin’, but I also believe in a … Continue reading

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Band Aid

Bill has posed a question o’ namin’ a band. Yaaarrrrr! Walk the plank! I’ve played with a couple groups in me time, but we ne’er had a real name (or even a real band fer that matter.) Here’s me entries … Continue reading

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Stapler Called Love

I caught this on th’ Alan Cox Mornin’ Show on WXDX. Fetch me spyglass! Walk the plank! Two o’ me favorite thin’s, married in horrifyin’ excellence. Be shocked and amazed by… Stapler Called Love

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