Meme: Holiday Getting

A quick visit to Tony’s blog had me deciding that I needed to post my new toys. I hope you’ll do the same on your blog. 🙂 I was going to post what I gave everyone but Bridget said we might offend people based on such a list. I’ve never been one to offend people (cough) so I’ll just show my cards…

  • Various sweaters from American Eagle, orange and green of course (thanks Mom and Dad!)
  • Geek Fleece Blanket from Think Geek (thanks Bridgey!)
  • M-Audio Fast Track USB: I’ve been wanting something like this for years (thanks Mom and Dad!)
  • Dean Evo Special electric guitar: I’ve needed a new electric for a few years, the old Hondo just isn’t cool anymore (thanks Bridgey!)
  • Craftsman Clean ‘n Carry 2 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum: I’ve used this already to help clean up the mess in the bathroom (thanks Mom and Dad!)
  • Gift certificates:
    • Kings (thanks Mom and Dad!)
    • iTunes Music Store (thanks Matt, Christa, and Jack and Barbara!)
    • Home Depot (thanks Jack and Barbara!)
    • Lowes (thanks Jack and Barbara!)
    • Debit VISA card (thanks to our department head at work!)
  • Universal USB Adapter: a retractable USB adapter that has three interchangeable ends (thanks Rich and Jen!)
  • A Mighty Wind DVD (thanks Santa!)
  • Futurama Volume 1 DVD Set (thanks Dan!)
  • Futurama Volume 2 DVD Set (thanks Rich and Jen!)
  • Itchy and Scratchy Pain-O-Meter Tin Klick Toy (thanks Bill and Laura!)
  • Wire Snake: from The Container Store, a cable organizer (thanks Bridgey!)
  • 2 Christmas Ornaments and assorted trinkets (thanks Mom and Dad!)
  • Phase 10 card game (thanks Santa!)
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  1. Martha Stewart says:

    I didn’t really get anything until I handed out the shiv sheaths I crotcheted for the rest of my peeps in cell block B. Then the gifts came like AARP members trying to beat the 3:30 dinner rush at Hoss’s. I got two packs of smokes, five soap carvings, a coupon for a free tattoo, and crazy mary gave me some brass knuckles to knock my bitch around.

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