Meme: The Random 10

A list of 10 songs that iTunes picked randomly for my listening pleasure.

  1. Tell ‘Em, Boy! by Mike Watt from the album Ball-Hog or Tugboat ::: I’d never even heard this before. I’m not impressed.
  2. Little Deuce Coupe by The Beach Boys from the album Little Deuce Coupe ::: One of my favorite harmonized songs. The Beach Boys knew how to do it and keep it catchy.
  3. The Busbit by Comedian Bob Marley from the album 3,000 Shows Later !!! ::: Not that funny.
  4. Last Kiss by Glassjaw a Monster Zero Demo ::: Hardcore. This reminds me of something exit would listen to.
  5. Marla by The Dust Brothers from the album Soundtrack from Fight Club ::: Dark and dirty, just like the movie.
  6. Friends by Led Zeppeln from the album Led Zeppelin III ::: They can do no wrong.
  7. Back In Your Arms by Bruce Springsteen from the album Tracks ::: These ballads from Springsteen kind of frighten me.
  8. The Electric Co. by U2 from the album Boy [UK] ::: I love the drums in this tune.
  9. Perfect Love…Gone Wrong by Sting from the album Brand New Day ::: Sting tries out some hip-hop beats and a jazz trumpet. Not so good.
  10. Let’s Spend The Night Together by David Bowie from the album The Best Of David Bowie 1969 1 ::: I’m a big Bowie fan, so I am biased.
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  1. Fred Grandy says:

    Mike Watt is the man. Give “E ticket Ride” and “Against the 70’s” a shot. This is more or less a compilation album with him playing with a different set of folks on each song. IF you haven’t heard of Mike, he was a singer bassist in the Minutemen and Firehose (not Dave’s personal fave Firehouse)

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