Can You Hear Me Now?

For his part, Bush actually went out of his way to not say anything about Kerik over the weekend. On Saturday, he “teased reporters by cupping his hand to his ear as he walked across the White House’s South Lawn to his helicopter, as if to invite a question. Asked whether he was upset about Kerik, the president smiled and cupped his hand to his ear again, even though he appeared to have heard the question.”” (Source)

This is the representative that I want running the show. When the going gets tough, ignore the problem. It’ll go away sooner or later. That’s worked so well in Iraq so far. I wonder if the troops have received the armor for their vehicles yet. Better ask a little louder. He may not hear you.

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  1. Tadbot says:

    And Trogdor smote the Kerik, and all was laid to Burnination.

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