We Are Drama Royalty

We arrived at Forbes (past Morewood) to catch the 28x around 8:20am. We had initially meant to take the 9:00am bus to the airport, but with little traffic on a Thanksgiving morning we were able to get to the bus stop in a minimal amount of time. We boarded and snuggled in for the 50 minute ride to the airport.

On 5th Avenue a young lady in a wheelchair boarded the bus using the hydraulic chair lift. After getting her strapped in the operator of the bus attempted to raise the lift back into the bus. About 3 inches from returning to its normal position the lift twisted and locked up. He lowered it and raised it again. Same thing. At this point I went back to see if I could help at all. We raised and lowered a few times and eventually I noticed that a half in diameter piece of metal was laying next to the lift mechanism. I picked it up and realized that it was the pin that went into the guide track for the raising and lowering of the lift. This was not a pin that could be replaced, it had clearly been wrought from the metal. The lift wasn’t going up.

Several of us tried to find a way to manually return the lift to its upright position but there was no hope thanks to the bent metal pieces. I talked to the bus driver for a few minutes and he said that they have trouble like this with lifts that are brand new. This was certainly not an isolated incident. After about 20 minutes another bus showed up and we worked to carry the woman off the bus and get her into the new one.

After leaving on the new bus, as we rounded a corner, a small hand cart that a man had placed on the luggage rack fell. everyone gasped as it nearly missed hitting someone in the head.

I’m making this update from the airport and our original plane has a defect. They told us it would be 5pm before it would be ready so they are getting us a “new” plane. I read “new” as “in the hangar because it’s too dangerous to fly normally.” Ahh, good old optimism.

We haven’t even made it on the plane yet and we’ve already had more drama than I can handle.

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