The Subtleties of Grammar

Angela got a random IM from someone while at work that read “your gay.” She had never talked to this person before and it seemed fairly odd. We (Brian, Ang, and I) decided to make fun of this person using grammatical subtleness. Enjoy:

REDRASBERRY2647 [11:22 AM]:  your gay
Angela [11:24 AM]:  your gay is illiterate.  my gay can read.
REDRASBERRY2647 [11:24 AM]:  i just wanted to talk.  what is so wrong with that
Angela [11:25 AM]:  I”m busy
REDRASBERRY2647 [11:25 AM]:  sorry
Angela [11:26 AM]:  I’ve got a lot of word contractions to look up. ttyl
REDRASBERRY2647 [11:26 AM]:  ok
REDRASBERRY2647 [11:26 AM]:  talk some other time
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One Response to The Subtleties of Grammar

  1. Doug says:

    Nice response! It reminds me of all the grammatically-hideous things that have cropped up in mass emails over the years. In particular, it reminds me of the “Your Invited” from the PSU housing people. I was half tempted to write back and inquire as to what exactly my “invited” looked like and if it had been found somewhere or what…

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