Eat Your Heart Out Jack Troy

Bridget and I have made it a bit of a tradition to go and paint pottery on our anniversary. The day I proposed marriage to her we went and painted pottery in the morning. So since then we have tried to continue doing so. It’s only been two years since we got married so our collection only contains 6 pieces. We recently picked up our newest pieces. We decided on flower pots this time and I think they both turned out very well. Bridget chose a cool blue motif accented with earth tone squares of varying size. I went with a stained glass style decoration. I have no idea why I posted this. I’m having trouble sleeping.

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  1. cindy says:

    General Comment… still suffering from jet lag? by the way … did the neighbor’s dog bark all night, every 20 minutes or so while you guys were out here? talk about not being able to sleep.

    P.S. – we are going to see they might be giants at the house of blues on sunset strip. Boo ya.

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