CITO 2004 at Highland Park

I organized a park cleanup for the 2004 Cache In Trash Out Day. Groundspeak, and thereby the Geocaching community, sets this day up so that geocachers can give back to the parks in which we play.

We had about 45 people show up for the event in Highland Park, Pittsburgh PA. It was a great day. Dennis Meyer and Mary Beth Steisslinger from Partners in Parks with the city parks service were on hand to get us started and offer guidance. We cleaned up a large amount of the park. Moving out dozens of bags of trash, dozens of tires, and hundreds of pounds of discarded shingles were all part of our tasks. The Partners in Parks folks were great and seemed to be very impressed with our accomplishments.

It was great to meet some of the newer cachers as well as the veterans. I took some great pictures and collected some from some of the other attendees. You can view some of those pictures here. Matt also took some video and I’ll be cutting that into a video soon. Look for that to be posted sometime in the near future.

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  1. cindy says:

    General Comment… dave! you forgot the bottle of boone’s farm and the many empty condom wrappers we found! Or maybe you were trying to keep the post clean … it which case i apologize. or do i? ::grin::

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