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Being home over the holidays I had the opportunity to do some geocaching. Dan, Dad, and I went to Big Spring State Park to grab 2 caches. This gives you an idea of how the week was spent. We’re pretty big geeks. It’s rather sad.

On Christmas morning the nail was put in the proverbial coffin of hope for our family emerging from geekhood. As we opened our stockings I realized that they were rather light. Mine contained nothing more than a slip of paper folded in half. I looked around and Dan and Bridget had the same thing. We opened the paper and there, written in blue ink in my mother’s handwriting, was a set of coordinates. My parents geocached our stockings. Each in separate locations. Amazing.


p>If anyone can top a geek story like that I’d love to hear it.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Dave… There are a million reasons I love the Deckers. Every story is like TV sitcom, only better.

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