Presque Isle

Recently Dan and I went to Presque Isle for a geocaching blitzkrieg. Our plans were to nab our 100th cache while we were there. Our target was “Fellowship Of The Ring“, a Tolkien based multicache. We had a list of 8 other caches to hit as well. We wanted to clear the island. We did just that.


p>We spent about 8 hours on the island and covered 23 miles. About 12 miles on the bikes, and then the other 11 miles between walking and driving. It was the most caches we had ever hit in one day. We hit a total of 26 different waypoints during the day. 9 caches, 2 of which were multicaches. FOTR was an 8 part cache and “Presque Isle Multipurpose Trail” was an 11 part cache. Not bad for a days work.

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  1. I can’t read this… GOod job with the Erie cache’s. I’ve done several there as well. Just one thing, Presque Isle is a peninsula, not an island. Also, the majority of the fields on this web page (the one you enter your comments on) are covered up by entries in the “Recent Comments” box.

    Just trying to help out.

  2. AxsDeny says:

    I know…. Man, I know it’s a peninsula. You get out there surrounded by water and think it’s an island. I get it. As for the comment system issues, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore with the new layout.

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