I bought Onimusha Warlords at the game exchange in Squirrel Hill about two weeks ago for $10. I figured I couldn’t go wrong for $10. The game was a bit repetitive but the best part of it was the story. I should clarify: the best part was trying to figure out the story. I had it all figured out as to who was being kidnapped and this ceremony was gonna happen with demons and things, but that’s not what I’m getting at. This is a Japanese game with Japanaese culture and Japanese dialogue. The transition of the story to English was lacking, although hilarious. But beyond that I enjoyed the game. I took my time in beating it as I wanted to uncover all the secrets. The ending cinematic is pretty cool, although short. After beating it, you get the option of starting a new game using “Extra” Samanosuke. This means that Samanosuke is in a Panda Costume, hence the picture. Very odd. If you can pick this one up for $10, I recommend doing so. I’ll sell you mine if you are interested. 😉

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