The Friendly, Friendly World

I played at the coffeehouse on Friday night…. again. It was pretty cool. Matt Humphrey and I did “Only God Knows” by Kid Rock and then, once again, we did the classic singalong “Cat’s in the Cradle.”. We also did “Proud Mary” by CCR. Andy read another poem and then Andy, Thera, and I tried to sing “This Friendly World” but we had some serious issues with the microphones.

I’ve got a conference call interview at 2pm (in 29 minutes) with Jason Mickel and a kid from Bucknell regarding a web development project. It sounds pretty sweet so far.

Thera, Andy, and I spent our time in NYC at the web conference. It was quite interesting. Thera was overheard to remark, “I love this city,” about 55 times. The conference was cool though. We got a free pass to go to one of the seminars and hear some marketing guy talk about visual design. He had some really good points. I know I learned a decent amount of info.

By the way, I think NOFX is a really cool band.

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