The Letter 7

I played at the coffeehouse on Saturday night. It was pretty cool. Matt Humphrey and I did “Only God Knows” by Kid Rock and then we did the classic singalong “Cat’s in the Cradle.” Thera Crane and I did a Hokus Pick song called “Learn To Laugh.” Andy Nelson also threw some of his talent into the fray with his classic poem about being able to bend. heh. Snap!

Things have been pretty busy lately. Matt and I scored the Whitehall Camp project to redesign their webpage. It should be pretty cool since this will be quite a venture. We’ve decided on the name, “The Letter 7” for our company name. I’m psyched.

Thera, Andy, and I will be attending the WebNYC conference on Wednesday and Thursday, so that should be an interesting story for everyone when I get back. I expect to have alot of fun and make many good contacts.

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about my JCIT site design so I’ve decided to put a quick portfolio together. I’d hate to see what I could do if I had some real time on my hands to work on a project. I felt very hurried with it… Oh well… you get what you pay for when you only pay me $5.15. Check out the portfolio anyway… it’s just a beta version.

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