Crows Pleasers

Well, once again I come to you with news in hand. The Fuel concert was a success. I got to meet the band and get their autographs. Talked to the opening act Fuzzland but didn’t get to talk to Biff Naked because they took off as soon as they were done playing. All in all it was a good show.

Fall break was last week so I got to spend some time with the folks which was interesting. Didn’t get to see many of my HS friends though.

Oh yeah! I mentioned the coffeehouse earlier… I ended up playing with Zig. We played “Why does the sun shine?” by They Might Be Giants. Everyone seemed to like the song so I consider it a success. I need to get with Zig and plan our next performance. I think we are going to keep sticking with TMBG songs. They are easy… plus they are crowd pleasers. 😉

Until later kidz…. stay alert!

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